Real life stories of security guards turned heroes

You must have seen a lot of movies where security guards are shown doing several good deeds. Sometimes, they are shown saving the lives of others and sometimes they’re shown stopping a murder attempt or a robbery.

Such kinds of imaginary scenes are really impressive and they work as an inspiration for security guard fire watch in real life.

But have you ever seen or heard of such imaginary characters in real life? You’ll be shocked to hear that they’re not only imaginary people but they exist in real life as well.

There are many interesting real life stories available where you’ll find different security guards saving the lives of others by risking their own lives.

We have taken a few most popular stories of different security guards where they risked their life for the sake of others and became the heroes forever.

After reading these brave stories, you’ll definitely develop a sense of respect for security guards and you’ll realize that they’re the real heroes who have saved others without even thinking about their lives and family.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing stories that will change the way you think.

Rick Rescorla – September 11

Almost everyone in this world knows about what happened on September 11, 2001 in USA when two giant towers were destroyed by a terrorist attempt.

Everybody knows that it was one of the worst days of American History when thousands of people were killed but there are only a few people who know that there were many security guards who risked their lives to save the people from that tower.

Rick Rescorla was also one of those legendary security guards who risked their lives for the sake of others. Rick didn’t care for his own life and jumped into this fuss to save the lives of people who were stuck inside those buildings. He successfully saved the lives of 2,687 people and thus he became a hero of all the times.

Every year people gather to pray for him and he’ll always be mentioned as a hero unless the worst day of American history is forgotten. In other words people will remember his good deeds forever.

Laurence Turner

Laurence Turner was a normal security guard for a bank like many other security guards unless he saved the lives of his colleagues from a drugged-up bank robber. Laurence was performing his duty inside the bank when a drugged-up robber entered the bank and fired a shot at the ceiling.

The Laurence was completely active during the duty. He didn’t even think for a second and shot the robber on his leg.

Thus, he saved the lives of all his colleagues bravely. For this brave act, he received a lot of respect from all his colleagues.

There are many other security guards who performed their duty with complete responsibility and became the real-life heroes.

Tips for Picking out your Comic Book Costume this Halloween

Halloween is one of the most awaited events of the year. Even before a month, we all start to line up our costumes and avatars. We all want to look different and scary at the Halloween party to enjoy the event at its best.

If you want to dress up the best among all this Halloween and want some tips to get beautifully dressed, then here we are going to share some tips with you. Comic book characters are rarely used in the Halloween so if you try to imitate a comic book character this Halloween, you’ll look different among all others.


People usually go for the complex characters but at the end of the day, they get tired of handling the avatar. Don’t you think a party is all about fun and entertainment? So, you need to dress up in a way so that you may not get stuck into your costume.

Therefore, you should choose a comfortable costume instead of running after the uncomfortable ones. Just rewind your memory to remember the characters that you found in different comic books. Make sure that the character you’re going to imitate is commonly popular otherwise, there’ll be no benefit of imitating an unknown character.

Write down the names of your favorite characters and try to share this idea with your friend. Your friend will suggest you that what costume is going to suit you the best. You can also ask them to accompany you on the Halloween.


At the time of choosing the character for your Halloween party, you should also have a closer look at the popularity of the character. If you think that your favorite character is not popular enough, then don’t choose it.

Usually, people like to imitate the joker for their Halloween party because joker is a very popular character and almost everyone is familiar with the character of a joker. You need to make sure that the costume you’re going to choose is capable of providing you a perfect look.


You need to stay in the budget while choosing to imitate a comic book character. You can’t spend $500 for the party when you have a budget of $200. So, first, you need to analyze your budget for the costume.

There are different kinds of fancy dress costumes for Halloween available in the stores these days that you can buy at a reasonable price. There are several stores that offer discounted prices for several costumes. You can visit those stores as well.


If you are choosing a character which is difficult to adopt then, of course, you will find it hard to get the right props as well. When you are choosing a character, make sure that your favorite character’s costume doesn’t include any props in it.

If you want to stay simple and classy, then you should go for the simple dress. The way you are going to display the character is going to make it prominent.

Why Are Comic-Book Movies So Much Entertaining?

If you are a great fan of comic books, then nothing can be the best option other than watching comic-book movies. These movies are simply awesome and can be watched with every family member. Currently, these movies have got the highest rating. Comic-books are usually being read by kids to know about different fictitious superheroes.

Popular categories of comic-book movies:

Comic-book movies belong to different categories. Therefore, until and unless you are aware of the categories, you will not be able to choose the best movie of this kind. Some of the most popular categories of these movies have been discussed below.

  • Most of the comic-book movies are highly adventurous. You can experience the thrill of different adventurous activities by means of watching these movies. Golden eras of comics can be now well-represented by these movies.
  • Some of the social topics are being covered by these movies. These kinds of movies are very much special as you will come to learn a lot of things. The matters will be presented comically to make the topics more exciting and entertaining in nature.

Gravel-novel topics are also adopted for making the movies innovative and unique.These are the few categories that are very much into trend these days. If you want the list of the new releases then you should go online. You can visit different review sites for knowing the responses of the movies. On the basis of the responses, you can take your decision.