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Best 3 Movies of 2020 (So Far)

Life has been brought to an unprecedented halt by depriving the people of their liberty to saunter through the streets or have fun. The pandemic of 2020 has changed the face of the planet in a way that the population has become averse to the concept gathering at a place. Huddling around a table is something that has turned out to be a phrase with no concrete details. Although people are now walking back into their normal lives by hitting the road and visiting their favorite restaurants, nothing more is available. Since many countries have been locked down for more than half a year now, the space for entertainment has significantly reduced.

During this period, it was the small screens at home that worked wonders. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other OTT platforms made the best out of this time. The movies that had been scheduled for release, the ones that were in production, and those shelved for some reason are now resurfacing even without many theatres open. Several movies were released on OTT over the past few months, and many of them received a great response from the audience and critics. Here is a list of the best movies of 2020.

1.      First Cow

Not many directors have paid attention to nature while making movies. Kelly Reichardt made a difference by including the aspects that connect to the world around us. With First Cow, the filmmaker adapted pieces from JonaHalf-Lifeond’s novel ‘The Half Life’ and tried to evoke a sense of motivation and emotion through a few characters in the forest greenery. Male friendship and rural environments are being focused on every frame.

First Cow

2.      The Painted Bird

The movie is considered an ode to the people who passed away during the various holocausts by bringing every character into life through the black-and-white theme. The Painted Bird isn’t for the faint hearts because it covers multiple areas of WWII and the destruction caused by the arsenals developed during that period. Oppression and the struggle to survive are painted in just two colors to depict life’s darkness in those days. Not many movies have been this tough to sit through due to its raw depiction of humanity’s difficult times.

3.      The Assistant

The scathing approach towards the #MeToo movement in The Assistant is one huge leap in the right direction. Kitty Green brought the mundane events that add to the misogyny. The blatant depiction of abuse can be hard to watch if you love all your dear ones. Most people conveniently gloss over the need for consent, which is now being discussed in several movies, but nothing like this. Exploitative men are the central characters of the movies, and while the most abusive of them isn’t present on screen much, the horrific character is palpable through the stories about Jane. The implied and logical threats of a human resources rep Jane meets drives the movie’s concept further into the insidious forms of sexism prevalent all across the globe.


3 Styles of Art That Will Always Remain Popular

Art is that one category of work that arouses our spirit to a level of excitement and joy. It also makes us think more than what is on the canvas. People who love beholding the beauty of these images consider visiting galleries and similar places the most entertaining activity. Also, everyone will have a preference for what works for their psyche and what doesn’t. The paintings that challenge a person are the ones that he/she will stare at the longest, trying to decrypt what the colors communicate through each stroke.

Such pieces would be of great value, meaning you will have to pay a hefty amount if you want it on your bedroom wall. Despite being ardent fans of art, most of the audience will be unaware of the various forms. The styles that go into making a canvas beautiful are not studied at length unless you are an art scholar. Let us look at some of the most popular art styles that will always hold that position in the hearts of fans.


1.      Abstract

Being a literal person can be hard at times, and it is challenging when you come across an abstract painting. The burst of colors on the canvas with each streak exuding life. It isn’t easy to understand because they don’t depict anything real or something you may have encountered in life. What may seem like a random splash of paint will have some meaning when pondered about for some time. This art style doesn’t inspire any person’s life or represent the working of any particular section. It could be the traces of the ideas simmering within the artist’s head without any substantial source.

2.      Modern

If you are an art lover and haven’t visited MOMA, you are missing out on something valuable in life. The modern art occupying the museum walls is not just the creation of artist but also the reflections of many cogent events in the world. The captivating creations will demand more than one day of your life to appreciate all of them. Traditional techniques were never followed here, hence the name. Modern art was primarily formed from the 1860s to the 1970s. Events in the world to be represented in various colors from the artist’s perspective is the whole concept of modern art. It doesn’t stray away from reality.


3.      Impressionist

Impressionism was first developed in Paris in the 1860s, and it later on sprawled through the US and Europe. Brushwork and light are the most crucial components in impressionist art. They have a way of playing the strings of magic on the canvas. Realistic depictions are not relied upon here, but the concept is almost always stuck on without allowing a margin for second-guessing. If you ever come across an Impressionist art, try to look into the people’s lives or objects in the frame. New colors will start taking form as the subject matter gets conveyed effectively. Storytelling is the soul of this style of art.


What Society Needs to Know about Surrealism and the Paintings that Were Inspired By the Movement

Artists, with their variety of works, hold up a mirror to the society. Understanding the spirit of the current scenario and depicting them through paintings, songs, essays, stories, and other forms of art are what define the role of an artist. Artists respond to the zeitgeist of a period, and art is one of the primary tools of raising awareness and liberating the shackled minds. And speaking of this, it is important to understand that there are several movements that art can be divided into. The one that we have taken up for discussion in this article is that of Surrealism and the great paintings that were inspired by the movement.

We shall look into the defining features of Surrealism and take up a few of the great paintings for careful analysis. While it is not possible not have a look at all the painters and their art and condense them in a few words, we can look at the distinctive features of the same for a better understanding of the movement.

Salient Features of Surrealism:

Surrealism was an artistic and cultural movement that predominantly made use of dream-like scenes and symbols. The work of art is spontaneous, absurd to an extent and ones that follow no logic or traditional conventions of art. Paintings are characterised by dream-like brushwork and color choices, and inferring the works from any one dimension is not what the movement sought. Surrealism does not conform to logic and attempts to break the conventions of reality.


Some of the Most Famous Surrealist Painters and their Work:

We shall now take up a few surrealist painters and their work and bring to light a few of the defining features of the paintings.

The Great Masturbator, Salvador Dali

Can you speak of Surrealism without mentioning Salvador Dali and at least one of his great works? The short answer is, No! Among all of his other works, the one we chose is The Great Masturbator. This was one of his earliest works and was inspired by Freud’s analysis of the psychosexual stages. Dali’s work represents his id, ego and superego and his repressed sexual urges as he was growing up, and also depicts his fears and paranoia buried deep within his unconscious stage.

The Tilled Field, Joan Miro

Next up for analysis is Joan Miro’s painting that goes by the name The Tilled Field. Miro uses a bold and vivid color palette and juxtaposes his imagination with the political clime of his time, in Spain during the 1920s. His painting can be seen as an art that rebels against the dictatorship of the Spanish government of the time and fills it with the hope of free speech and spirit. Miro’s work is a celebration of liberty and freedom, and a place where we can run to draw comfort, hope and liberty.

Joan Miro

Finally, Battle of Fishes, Andre Masson

The final painting that we have on the list is that of the French surrealist painter Andre Masson. His The Battle of Fishes is an intelligent allegory of the destruction caused by the World War. His painting uses the underwater scenes where sharp-toothed fish attack each other, thus, destroying the beautiful underwater life. The painting is also known to have influenced abstract art and Informel.