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It's The Last Day!


this page will close tonight: 10th November 2013 - If you'd like to be part of the Movie's history by owning one of the limited edition perks then you need to act fast!


They won't be available after that date.

Rainy Day Fund

you've probably heard that we suffered some appalling weather the day we needed to do some exteriors but we're reassembling with some of the crew shortly to pick up what we need.  So for now, our 'Donate' fund is 'The Rainy Day Fund' and any pennies going in there will help towards covering those extra production costs as well as the ongoing post-production costs !


The Minister of Chance is not funded by The Government, The BBC or any other criminal organization. It is ONLY funded by fans. We are now making The Prologue part of the film starring Paul McGann and Tim McInnerny, and we need your help. Check out the cool perks you can get for helping out and come join us as a Minister Mogul! 

(This is all updated manually by us, so there is sometimes a small delay in you seeing your name, or the total changing  - do let us know if you're concerned or if you haven't heard from Dan or Clare.)

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