We want to bring all the benefits of being a film location to Cheshire rather than taking them to L.A. or London. 


We will be eating, drinking and staying locally, and we will be telling our wonderful fans worldwide about it. The stars and fans are getting behind Cheshire, and we hope you'll get behind us too!


There are a few ways you can help:




Got an idea for Sponsorship?   We love ideas!


Contact us at sponsorship at radiostatic dot co dot uk




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Become "The Official Provider of ...." and be listed on the film credits as well as receiving a credit and a link on our website.  You'll also get an official certificate and signed production photo to display at home or in your business premises.


~ Buy individual props or perks such as our Limited Edition Collector's Items here.  A prop on display in your business will provide a draw for visiting fans as well as a great talking point.


~ Sponsor an aspect of the production: this will get you or your business a credit on the film, but also an immediate credit and link on the website. 

We have ideas for all budgets!


Can you sponsor one of these?



"Transport kindly provided by ....












"Accommodation kindly provided by...."

You could be providing Clare Eden or our Line Producer Kerryn with a warm Cheshire welcome! 

* £250 or £25 per night for a crew member



"Catering kindly provided by"

Over several days we'll have up to a dozen people needing:

* £15 for an evening meal or * £5  for sandwich lunch



"The Production Dept was kindly sponsored by"

Line Producer, Production Manager, 1st AD  or runner etc:




"The Sound Department was kindly sponsored by"

boom operators, a sound recordist, mixer and editor: 




"The Art Department was kindly sponsored by"

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~ if you're Cheshire-based, for only £20 you can show your support with the Chanceshire campaign - become a Citizen of Chanceshire, or dress your staff in Chanceshire T-Shirts!

* £125 for Paul McGann's flexible return


* £125 for Tim McInnerny's flexible return


* £15 each for several Taxi returns

Your search has provided no results...


Props, Costumes, Makeup: or visit the Perks Page and see if there's a specific prop or piece of Paul McGann's costume you'd like to own!


"Insurance was kindly sponsored by"

Painful as it is, we have to have it! £600



If you'd like to sponsor any individual aspect of these Production Departments just ask us  for a breakdown! 


Email at info at