Real life stories of security guards turned heroes

You must have seen a lot of movies where security guards are shown doing several good deeds. Sometimes, they are shown saving the lives of others and sometimes they’re shown stopping a murder attempt or a robbery.

Such kinds of imaginary scenes are really impressive and they work as an inspiration for security guard fire watch in real life.

But have you ever seen or heard of such imaginary characters in real life? You’ll be shocked to hear that they’re not only imaginary people but they exist in real life as well.

There are many interesting real life stories available where you’ll find different security guards saving the lives of others by risking their own lives.

We have taken a few most popular stories of different security guards where they risked their life for the sake of others and became the heroes forever.

After reading these brave stories, you’ll definitely develop a sense of respect for security guards and you’ll realize that they’re the real heroes who have saved others without even thinking about their lives and family.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing stories that will change the way you think.

Rick Rescorla – September 11

Almost everyone in this world knows about what happened on September 11, 2001 in USA when two giant towers were destroyed by a terrorist attempt.

Everybody knows that it was one of the worst days of American History when thousands of people were killed but there are only a few people who know that there were many security guards who risked their lives to save the people from that tower.

Rick Rescorla was also one of those legendary security guards who risked their lives for the sake of others. Rick didn’t care for his own life and jumped into this fuss to save the lives of people who were stuck inside those buildings. He successfully saved the lives of 2,687 people and thus he became a hero of all the times.

Every year people gather to pray for him and he’ll always be mentioned as a hero unless the worst day of American history is forgotten. In other words people will remember his good deeds forever.

Laurence Turner

Laurence Turner was a normal security guard for a bank like many other security guards unless he saved the lives of his colleagues from a drugged-up bank robber. Laurence was performing his duty inside the bank when a drugged-up robber entered the bank and fired a shot at the ceiling.

The Laurence was completely active during the duty. He didn’t even think for a second and shot the robber on his leg.

Thus, he saved the lives of all his colleagues bravely. For this brave act, he received a lot of respect from all his colleagues.

There are many other security guards who performed their duty with complete responsibility and became the real-life heroes.